Who we are?


We designs and develops robust solutions for interactive digital communications. We focus our unique combination of creative, technical and business problem solving skills on meeting our clients’ objectives. With this clarity of purpose, commitment to process, and broad professional skill sets, we provide our clients with world-class solutions that are strategically aligned and functionally superior.

Who we are?


We, at COMTECH, define and conduct our business in strict adherence to a set of values, which fall into two distinct categories.


The first set defines our general stance towards the explosion in the domain of Information Technology. We strongly believe that the fundamental purpose that technologies serve is that of making processes and activities easier, efficient, and streamlined. In accordance with this fundamental tenet, we are committed to catering to the needs of our customers in their entirety and specificity, abhorring, at the same time, the tendency, so pervasive, to create needs.


The second category comprises of the cardinal values. The business critical solutions that we offer enshrine the values of fairness, integrity, and reliability. From the stages of planning to that of delivering the product, we seek to travel the path laid out by these values.

Who we are?


COMTECH aims at continual and sustainable growth. It seeks to achieve this by offering flawless, efficient, and world-class software solutions and services that delight our customers and exceed their expectations.

The reason


Customer Satisfaction


Higher customer satisfaction, on-time delivery and reduced costs have earned us many laurels. We employ best practices to make the quality of deliverable predictable and accurate.

State-of-the-Art Solutions


We constantly strive to keep track of the latest developments in technology and industry. This reflects in the solutions that we offer, be it a product or an offshore project.

At God’s Own Country


We are located in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India. Kerala is acclaimed as one of the most picturesque places in the world with a high IT literacy and English speaking population.

Qualified Team


Stability of manpower has been one of the hallmarks of our success. Everyone of our qualified professional team has 2-15 years of experience in real software development projects.

Ease in Use and Learning


We ensure that our solutions and services easy to learn and use. When we develop products, we ensure that we cater to the skill set available at our customers’ organization.

Look No Further


We are confident that you would not have to look any further for your IT consulting, software design, development, implementation and training to stay ahead of their competitors.

We the team


Comtech Business Innovations’s past is a rich mine of experience, resilience, and tenacity to strive for perfection. As the company surges ahead, carving a definite space for itself in the domains of education and business critical solutions, it cannot but highlight and salute its lifeline: the Comtechians!


The legacy that we have inherited from our former members and the lessons that they passed down to us continue to inspire and instill confidence in us.