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Comtech Business Innovations is the definite destination for businesses looking for creative, flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-use software solutions and services to take them one step closer to business realization. Our long history and tradition of providing solutions that attend to the specific needs of our customers has helped carve a definite space in this domain.

Our customers continue to find that COMTECH reinterprets outsourcing and imbues its meaning with a richness never encountered before. The skill and expertise that we offer to our customers and the creativity that we exhibit in each of the solutions and services take the process of outsourcing way beyond the conventionally highlighted factors of low-cost, time, and resources.

COMTECH’s proven expertise in the areas of database technologies & maintenance, database design, front-end development tools, project management, a pedagogical application makes it a rare find among software companies.

Development Methodology


Our methodology for project delivery Based on the formal approval of the Project Proposal and the go-ahead given by the customer, we put in place a time-tested robust agile scrum for Software Development. COMTECH’s Software Development Life Cycle follows a customer-friendly methodology that facilitates swift project “take-off” leading on to a predictable, low-risk path for high quality results.

Our project methodology is “user-centric” and facilitates rapid application development that leverages continuous user involvement and “progressive prototyping” to assure that the development effort remains focused and the delivered system is flexible and meets user requirements. At COMTECH our goal is to create a recipe for our customers that is understandable and repeatable. COMTECH follows agile scrum methodology that is one of the best in the IT industry.

Where Do You Start?


Our team consisting of Information Technology experts, Business Analysts and Software Professionals will reach you to make a thorough assessment of your requirements with as much data that is gathered from you. We understand that it may not be possible for you to present us well-defined and/or structured requirements. Just speak out your thoughts and expectations. Our experts will analyze your information and probe you further if required to uncover needs that you may have missed out. We may offer you more ideas and then formalize your answers in the form of project documentation.

All the information gathered is then presented to you in a well-documented, structured format that is comprehensive and elaborate. This document contains the complete description of your requirements. This forms the first document to get the project started.

Contract Model


COMTECH operates flexible contract models and the emphasis on the engagement mode is to enable best value realization for our customers.

Our processes are well defined, predictable to our customers and efficient to say the least. The contract models and modus operandi of how COMTECH manages are handles software development projects under the defined business models are briefly explained on Business Model I to III.

• Business Model I: Project based pricing
• Business Model II: Effort based pricing
• Business Model III:Manpower Outsourcing

Our Project Methodology

How We Execute?



We begins the process of discovery by a visit to the client’s organisation in order to familiarize itself with the operations and working style of the client,


Establish User-Interface guidelines and Code guidelines, System Design, Data Modelling, Create Test Plans for modular and integrated application testing.


The development phase of the life-cycle consists of coding and construction of the application in such a way that deployment can be done on an incremental basis.


There is significant variation in the duration and the structure of Deployment from project to project depending on the application architecture, quality etc.