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Based on the formal approval of the Project Proposal and the go-ahead given by the customer, we put in place a time-tested robust methodology for Software Development. COMTECH’s Software Development Life Cycle follows a customer-friendly methodology that facilitates swift project "take-off" leading on to a predictable, low-risk path for high quality results.

Our project methodology is "user-centric" and facilitates rapid application development that leverages continuous user involvement and "progressive prototyping" to assure that the development effort remains focused and the delivered system is flexible and meets user requirements.

At COMTECH our goal is to create a recipe for our customers that is understandable and repeatable. COMTECH follows a Project Methodology that is one of the best in the IT industry.

Throughout the 4 stages of the process we follow – DISCOVERY, DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT & DEPLOYMENT – COMTECH provides incremental deliverables, checkpoints and acceptance events. This facilitates easy communication with our client. The flexibility of the process allows it to accommodate the unique needs of each client and project.     

Discovery, Design, Development & Deployment

In order to enhance project focus, improve efficiency and provide more opportunities to adjust requirements, designs and standards to meet real-world requirements, Comtech does careful segmentation of large projects into phases that can be deployed incrementally.

The activities performed in, and the key deliverables for the major stages are briefly described in the following sections:


COMTECH begins the process of discovery by a visit to the client’s organisation in order to familiarize itself with the operations and working style of the client, its industry and also to comprehensively assess the client’s information requirements. A report is submitted based on the visit. The report details out the following:

Scope of the Project
Business Requirements
Technical requirements
Identified Stakeholder groups
Gap Analysis
Project Work Plan Break-up & Goals

intro Design

COMTECH’s design process is broken up into several key tasks:
Establish User-Interface guidelines & Code guidelines
System Design
Data Modelling
Create Test Plans for modular & integrated application testing

The transition from Design to Development is done after a detailed presentation of the design documents and updated Project Plan and acceptance by the stakeholders.

intro Development

The development phase of the lifecycle consists of coding and construction of the application in such a way that deployment can be done on an incremental basis. Testing is carried out on several levels as the application development progresses. Developers check their individual work, the Quality Assurance team develops and executes test suites against integrated modules and stakeholders review the application for completeness, accuracy and ease of use. Acceptance of the deliverables by the stakeholders marks the transition to Deployment. System Administration and user documentation is commenced at this stage.

intro Deployment

There is significant variation in the duration and the structure of Deployment from project to project depending on the application architecture and quality and amount of data that need to be converted.

Final integration testing and Quality Assessment is carried out jointly by COMTECH and the stakeholders.  Where data conversion of legacy data is involved cut-over commences with the well-rehearsed data conversion process. To ensure that the business operations are carried out unhindered, contingency plans are created in advance to be deployed if necessary.