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COMTECH IT Solutions is the definite destination for businesses looking for creative, flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-use software solutions and services to take them one step closer to business realization. Our long history and tradition of providing solutions that attend to the specific needs of our customers has helped carve a definite space in this domain.

Our customers continue to find that COMTECH reinterprets outsourcing and imbues its meaning with a richness never encountered before. The skill and expertise that we offer to our customers and the creativity that we exhibit in each of the solutions and services take the process of outsourcing way beyond the conventionally highlighted factors of low-cost, time, and resources.

COMTECH’s proven expertise in the areas of database technologies & maintenance, database design, front-end development tools, project management, a pedagogical application makes it a rare find among software companies. Our customers benefit from the diverse pool of resources that we have, which ensures that our customers get the best results, from concept through design, development, implementation and training. IT being our core business, our Human Resources department is continuously on the lookout for picking the best talent and nurturing them to achieve their full potential. The variety that we offer, often catering to the entire gamut of operations of large businesses, and the reliability that we bring to each and every service offerings have helped surge ahead in the domain in which we operate.

By virtue of maintaining a larger and diverse pool of manpower resources, COMTECH takes complete control and responsibility on the deployment of these resources. Teams deployed for a project are scaleable to ensure that the number and category of people assigned to a project depends on the project’s phase. By outsourcing their software development requirements, customers need to pay for only the resources that they actually use, as compared to maintaining an in-house team at all the time. As a result of the above there is significant gain for customers in terms of time and money, apart from the impeccable quality that we ensure in the case of every offering from us.


COMTECH operates flexible contract models and the emphasis on the engagement mode is to enable best value realization for our customers.

Our processes are well defined, predictable to our customers and efficient to say the least. The contract models and modus operandi of how COMTECH manages are handles software development projects under the defined business models are briefly explained on Business Model I to III.

Business Model I
Project based pricing

COMTECH has well-defined estimation tools to determine the resource requirements for domains wherein we have the expertise. This model is best suited when:

Deliverables, Timelines & Costs are pre-defined. Requirement Specifications are reasonably clear. In other words, customers chose this model when they need on-time, on-budget delivery of their projects. This option carries very little risk if the requirements are reasonably well specified.

Business Model II
Effort based pricing

This business model is particularly useful in contexts where the projects are quite complex and are prone to specification and design changes midstream.

This model gives customers greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification on an ongoing basis and allows modifications to specifications based on the changing market needs.

COMTECH offers the customer, project teams with flexibility in size and skill-sets of manpower that are determined by the varying project estimations.

In the Effort based pricing model, the project cost is a function of the total project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed.

Business Model III
Manpower Outsourcing

This model is suited where the customer has the required infrastructure resources for project development, but needs only manpower with the appropriate skill-sets. Under this model we organize the team as required by the customer and the customers have total control on the utilization of the team.

Costing is based on the number of manpower under each skill-set, deployed at the customer’s location.



Our team consisting of Information Technology experts, Business Analysts and Software Professionals will reach you to make a thorough assessment of your requirements with as much data that is gathered from you. We understand that it may not be possible for you to present us well-defined and/or structured requirements. Just speak out your thoughts and expectations. Our experts will analyze your information and probe you further if required to uncover needs that you may have missed out. We may offer you more ideas and then formalize your answers in the form of project documentation.

All the information gathered is then presented to you in a well-documented, structured format that is comprehensive and elaborate. This document contains the complete description of your requirements. This forms the first document to get the project started.

On the basis of the agreed business requirements, based on the above document, we prepare and submit a project proposal. In brief, this formal document will elaborate the following:

Project Proposal
Scope, Constraints & Assumptions
Interdependencies with Business Activities, Systems and other Projects
Cost and Resources during the life of the project
Basis for estimated project costs
Ongoing costs after project completes and basis for the cost estimation of the same
Proposed Time-Frame